Your Account

Your account is your ‘trading home’. It is a mirror of your past actions, present situation and future goals. 

Secure execution with controlling orders.

Trade only a fraction of the total trade size.

Advanced, interactive charting.

How your account is composed

You need to understand how your account valuation works, so you will know at any moment the status of your funds and overall overview of the account. On AF Group Webtrader, there are various calculations which can be found at the top of the platform screen. The calculations consist of:

• Balance – the current cash balance on your account.
• Profit/Loss – The total profits/losses of all the positions you keep open.
• Margin – The part of the capital, put aside to cover margins for open positions.
• Margin % – You available capital, as the percentage of your margins.
• Equity – The most accurate status of your account, the live balance.