About AF Group

Over half a million clients already have an account with AF Group Trading Group, benefiting from AF Group’s services and products. Go deeper in what we are able to bring to the table and see from which services you are able to profit the best.

More reasons to trade with us


We are all about healthy trading within our community. We trade and serve in full transparency, ensuring our traders to get the benefits of our services. The platform we provide offers live prices, data, news 24/7. You have access to one of the most sophisticated technologies in the trading industry and it comes together with professional technical support.

Client – Our number one priority

We have designed our services and products in order to meet any client’s needs. Traders will find at us personalized plans to meet their goals. We want nothing less than our client’s success. We ensure that our team is available to assist and provide effective solutions which are converted in profits for you. It is very important for us to have on board traders who are happy and profitable. Happy traders stay longer and bring more traders.

Full responsibility for our support 

Trading involves risk, we let traders know about that and remind it often. We want our clients to make smart decisions and be profitable, in a fully transparent environment. We strongly advise our clients to understand how trading works, to have at least basic knowledge over it. Knowing how Webtrader works and taking advantage of its full potential is crucial for a trader’s success. And, a trader should be prepared to lose somehow. Not all trades will be successful. You need to be aware of how much you can afford to lose, so decide on each trade the stop loss and take profits functions.

Our Mission

“Innovation is our backbone and we are continuously improving our services to cater traders’ needs. We are committed to increase the value of our services from the support system to the extra features of our trading platform. We reset our goals in time, and put extra efforts and expertise to achieve them.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide any tool, technology, platform, expertise and assistance, anyone needs to gain financial independence. AF Group allows everyone to access and trade any asset in the financial market, regardless of the experience, the location, knowledge, capital available.

Our Values

We are our values, we are what we believe in:
• Innovation
• Integrity
• Teamwork 
• Respect for people
• Customer centric